Let’s talk about child development, specifically gross motor development….in the city!

Research tells us our children need opportunities for unstructured play, especially outdoors to help their gross motor development which is directly linked to brain development. We bring our children to the park as much as we can - but they still need more opportunities for gross motor development at home. 

Living here in Ho Chi Minh City its very busy and crowded-even often right outside your doorstep. So finding the space to let your child run and play and get that gross motor development that they need, can be a challenge. 

The way we support this at home, is with a Pikler Triangle. It can be used actively from 0-5 years.

As an open-ended tool intended for child-led play, it offers unlimited opportunities for gross motor development. Including the development of balance, coordination, and large muscles. The ways to use the triangle are as limitless as your child’s imagination.

Through child-led play, children learn about their own abilities and limits as they build self-awareness, they direct their own learning, they test out new skills, adapt, and try again to solve problems, developing their self-confidence which makes climbing safer both on and off the Pikler triangle.

When my first child was 10 months old, we looked for a Pikler Triangle here in Vietnam. We just couldn’t find one that met our expectations. So we decided to make one ourselves that’s why we launched Góc Montessori - to bring our Pikler Triangle to your home and your child.

We chose certified and imported plywood with waterproof finishing. The design is safe and convenient as it can be easily folded up and stored away to save space.

Childhood is special, but a brief moment,

so let us help you to enjoy this special time.




Written by,

Góc Montessori


Have a look at our Pikler Triangle!

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