COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm

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This climbing furniture combo includes 1 x Foldable Pikler Triangle and 1 x Climbing Ramp with Slide - 120cm, is a useful open-ended tool in aiding your child to develop his or her confidence, independence, and motor skills. Children learn their own abilities and limits by using the Pikler Triangle independently while being supervised, so we can guide them when they need. Furthermore, it designates a safe place for your child to climb inside your home. How often have we had to rush to help our child out of a dangerous climbing situation? The Pikler Triangle and Ramp gives them a space to explore climbing uninterrupted, on their own. 

The combo is suitable for children 0 months up to 5 years old through a wide range of activities including baby gym, holding the ladder to practice standing and leaning, crawling up and down ramps, climbing the ladders, climbing and turning around, covering it with a blanket to be used as a reading & play tent.

  • The Foldable Pikler Triangle can be folded and stored away to save space. Very convenient for space-saving if living in a small space.
  • The Climbing Ramp with Slide - 120cm is a 3-in-1 item with one side as a Climbing Ramp, one side as a Slide, and can also be used as a Bridge with two Pikler Triangles. Bigger and longer than most ramps, this product brings the best climbing ramp experience for your child. Kid-friendly design with all rounded corners and edges.
    • One side has handlebars that help babies develop their balance and walking.
    • The other side is a slide that allows children to slide and explore movement by rolling items down.
    • With support bars on both two short sides, this product can become a bridge when used with two Pikler Triangles for even more activities!

Product Details

  • Material: Birch & Poplar Plywood, imported & certified according to CARB P2 standard 
  • Dimension: 
    • Foldable Pikler Triangle: H75 x W66 x D75 cm
    • Climbing Ramp: L120 x W48.5 x T5.4 cm
  • Finishing: Water-resistant PU finishing 
  • Product is delivered unassembled - all needed hardware & assembly instruction is included - time needed for installation is 5 minutes.
  • Designed by Góc Montessori & Made in Vietnam

Besides this Combo, you can have a look at our Combo Pikler 95cm with a larger and wider Climbing Ramp, specially designed to help children explore more activities and have more fun. Inbox Góc Montessori for more details!

Usage Instructions

How to use a Pikler Triangle? If a child cannot climb it, should I buy a Pikler Triangle? At what age is the Pikler Triangle used for? 

Children learn to use the triangle at their own pace. Never place your child on top of the triangle, allow for them to reach each milestone independently but under your supervision. However, if your child is asking for assistance to come down gently guide them off the triangle. 

You may be wondering if my child cannot yet climb…should I even buy a Pikler Triangle yet? Surprisingly, the Pikler Triangle can be used right from the beginning up through 5 or 6 years old. 

  • 0-6 Months: Baby Gym. Early on the Pikler Triangle can be used in place of a baby gym, you can hang mobiles, scarves, ribbons, bells, or feathers from the top rung to strengthen your child’s focus and concentration as well as tracking and coordination.
  • From 6 Months: Pulling Up. Beginning around six months, your child can begin using the lower rungs of the triangle to pull up and work their muscles and balance to get to a standing position. They may also begin trying to crawl under the Pikler Triangle using it as a tunnel.
  • From 8 Months: Cruising. Babies become more motivated to move about as they begin discovering how they fit into their environment. As your baby begins to cruise, the Pikler Triangle is a safe supporting tool.
  • From 12 Months: Climbing. As children’s muscles, balance, and coordination develop they begin climbing the rungs of the Pikler triangle, discovering their own abilities and testing and adapting their play. Parents should not put their child on the Triangle ladder, but only observe and guide, ensuring the safety of the child.
  • Up to 5 Years: Climbing and Beyond. Once your child can climb up and down the triangle and ramp, they will begin to experiment with different ways of using it. They may try sitting on the rungs, linking their legs on the rungs to hang, climbing up and down facing forward-just to name a few.
  • As it is an open-ended climbing frame, the Pikler Triangle can be used in such a variety of ways, it is just up to your child’s imagination and unlimited creativity to figure out how! The longer you have the climbing frame the more creative your child will become with ways to use it. (Read our article for more references)

How and Where to set up my Pikler Triangle in our Home?

  • When setting up your Pikler Triangle always make sure the hand screws at the top of the triangle are tightened.
  • Ensure your triangle is placed over foam pads, or a soft mat/rug, and is a 1.2-meter safe distance from other furniture/ walls.
  • Place your triangle in a common area so that your child can play independently but under adult supervision.
  • If folded down, put your Pikler Triangle away in a closet or lay it down horizontally with tightened hand screws.
  • Never lean it folded up against the wall as your child may try to climb on it in an unsafe way.

Care Instructions

  • Every three months, check the product and tighten the screws/bolts if loose.
  • Clean the product with a soft damp towel. For intense cleaning use water with a drop or two of dish soap & make sure to dry the product right after cleaning. Never use chemicals on the product nor submerge it in water or other liquids. Do not use sharp/abrasive objects to clean the product. 
  • For indoor use only, in a dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid wet locations, high temperatures, and strong light.

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 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm
 COMBO Foldable Pikler with Climbing Ramp 120cm