Montessori Bookshelf

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The Montessori Bookshelf promotes independence through free choice.

This product with its 2- level front-facing book display encourages reading. It allows babies and young toddlers to easily see the face of the books on display for an active choice. At the same time, this design invites the child to naturally and independently take out and put back books and to arrange them according to their own preferences. All are aspects that encourage an early interest in books and literacy.

Additionally, the bookshelf has handles on either side making it easy for caregivers to pick it up and move it around, to adapt the layout of the room as needed. Edges are smooth and rounded for comfortable use.

Should combine with other Montessori Shelves to create a perfect environment for your child.

Product details

  • Material: Solid Rubber Wood 
  • Dimension: W60 x D25 x H35 cm
  • Handles on either side to easily move around
  • Child-friendly design with smooth and rounded edges

Usage instruction

  • The product should be put against a wall or something else to provide support. Make sure the surface is flat and the item is standing without any shaking. 
  • TIP: Put 2 bookcases together back-to-back and you have a little island for your child.

How to use Montessori Bookshelf effectively?

  • Book Display: Books should be placed on the shelf side by side and not in front of another book so as to allow for full visibility and for those little hands to easily grasp the book they want to look at. Front-facing bookshelves also make it easier for children to return a book to the shelf independently and successfully. Children quickly learn to respect books as each book has a proper place on the shelf and can carefully be taken off and placed back on the shelf with little to no help from adults. 
  • Book Rotation: The bookshelf should be uncluttered, calming, and inviting. This means that not all of your child’s books will be displayed at one time. By observing your child reading his/her books you can see when your child losing interest in one & it can be rotated out of the shelf. Therefore, children always feel refreshed and keep interested in reading. When rotating books, you don’t need to rotate all at once-especially if your child is still interested in a certain book. Additionally, it is up to you if you choose to rotate books while your child is awake and present or do it as a surprise while they sleep. With book rotation, this does mean you will store the books displayed out of sight of your child.

Care instruction

  • Every three months, check the product and tighten the screws (if loose).
  • Clean the product with a soft towel to drain. Do not immerse the product in water or chemicals.
  • Indoor use only, in a dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid wet locations, high temperatures, strong light sources, and combustible objects.
  • Do not use sharp objects to rub the product.

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