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The Learning Tower is a piece of learning furniture that promotes your child's independence and development by giving your child the opportunity to safely partake in many daily hands-on tasks previously out of reach. It gives the child the access to help us in the kitchen peeling, mixing, slicing, cooking, doing dishes, and so on. It can also be used in the bathroom to give them access to the sink so they can learn to take care of their own hygiene including brushing their own teeth.  The size of our learning tower is extra wide to give more space for the child to move around, meanwhile providing extra stability.  As a bonus, it fits two toddlers at the same time, for extra fun with friends!

Our Learning Tower was designed with functionality, safety, and quality in focus to ensure fun & safe usage for children from once they can independently stand. All edges are rounded, it has handles the child can use when climbing inside, the child is fully enclosed while standing up, the plywood is certified, the finishing is water-resistant, the product is extra wide for stability. With its 4 adjustable height settings, it is suitable for children from 76cm tall and up.

Product Details

  • Birch & Poplar Plywood, imported & certified according to CARB P2 standard
  • Has 4 adjustable height settings, height measured from floor:

           ~ Step setting 1: H56 cm - suitable for children 76 cm tall

           ~ Step setting 2: H48 cm - suitable for children 88 cm tall

           ~ Step setting 3: H40 cm - suitable for children 100 cm tall

           ~ Step setting 4: H32 cm - suitable for children 112 cm tall

  • Dimension: H90 x W50 x D45 cm
  • Finishing: Water-resistant PU finishing
  • Product is delivered unassembled - all needed hardware & assembly instruction is included - time needed for installation is 15 minutes. 
  • Weight limit for the product is 50 kg.
  • Designed by Góc Montessori & Made in Vietnam

Usage Instructions

Can my child use this product without Adult Supervision?

One of the main points, when we developed the Learning Tower, was safety to ensure a fun & safe usage for children. Always with children, we advise adult supervision to ensure that no accidents happen. As Montessori says, we are the guide of the children! We need to make sure they are correctly using the product, so by supervising them it allows us to quickly intervene if they are misusing the product. 

What height setting should I use for the step?

As for the different heights of the steps, the most important thing is that their belly button is not above the top of the learning tower. Once it is, it's a sign to lower the step one level. As a guideline, follow the adjustable height settings in "product details".

My child is just learning to stand and I am worried about him/her falling out, what can I do?

For the youngest children, for extra safety, you can turn the learning tower 180 degrees so the open back is pushed up against the counter to avoid them from falling out.

Care Instructions

  • Every three months, check the product and tighten the screws/bolts if loose.
  • Clean the product with a soft damp towel. For intense cleaning use water with a drop or two of dish soap & make sure to dry the product right after cleaning. Never use chemicals on the product nor submerge it in water or other liquids. Do not use sharp/abrasive objects to clean the product.
  • For indoor use only, in a dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid wet locations, high temperatures, and strong light.

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