You have seen so many images and videos of babies pulling up on the triangle, climbing the rungs, even little ones going over the top of the triangle! You finally made the decision to buy one yourself and bring it home to your little one. Now, what should you expect?

First things first. Don’t expect anything. Children learn to use the triangle at their own pace and every child is different.

Remember that you have just placed a totally new and foreign object in your child’s space. They have no idea what it is or what it is used for. Give your child the time and space to explore their new climbing tool. Some children will immediately climb to the top, others will just look at it and become familiar with it before trying to climb. Trust your child to know what they need.

If your child doesn’t seem interested in the triangle, do not force it or try to place them on the triangle. Even if you have a real climber on your hands, let them make the first move. The more your child leads the way, the more sure they will be of their movements on the triangle meaning less chance of them falling or getting hurt.

Perhaps your child is continuing to climb furniture and you prefer they use their triangle. Then communicate the boundary: you are not allowed to climb the furniture, but you can climb your triangle. Use this opportunity to redirect and show your child the triangle is for climbing.

This climbing tool is intended to be used for a child-led approach to gross motor development and play. This means as parents we step back and watch as our child tests, adapts, and adjusts to learn new skills and capabilities on their own.

The triangle was specifically designed so that children can more easily get themselves out of positions they get themselves into. Furthermore, it is a much safer alternative to climbing tall furniture and possibly unsturdy objects around the house.

I cannot say it enough: Never place your child on the triangle, no matter your child’s age or developmental stage. Allow your child to reach each milestone independently but under your supervision. However, if your child is asking for assistance to come down gently guide them off the triangle. And as always, happy climbing!


Written by

Góc Montessori

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